What’s The Difference – Part 2

Tennessee Whiskey Barrels

Tennessee Whiskey

Much of the confusion around whiskey regards the difference between Bourbon Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey. We have already talked about what makes a Bourbon Whiskey so lets have a look at Tennessee Whiskey.

The North American Free Trade Agreement states that Tennessee Whiskey must be “a straight Bourbon Whiskey authorized to be produced only in the State of Tennessee”. Despite this many producers do not refer to their product as being a Bourbon and do not package it as such. Some use the Lincoln County Process to filter, this is where the whisky is exposed to a column of charcoal chips before being transferred to barrels for aging. It is said that this technique produces a mellower taste than other whiskies.

Brands such as Prichard’s and George Dickel are synonymous with Tennessee Whisky but their is one that has found fame in popular culture like no other, Jack Daniel’s.

Dickel Tennessee Whiskey

Dickel Tennessee Whiskey


Prichard's Tennessee Whiskey

Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s, founded in 1875, is one of the most famous whiskies in the world and has found its way in to popular culture through film, TV and movie references and countless merchandising avenues. Jack Daniel’s more than any other has spread the popularity of Tennessee Whisky and will continue to do so as its popularity grows. You can find out more about Jack Daniel’s here and stay tuned for our final installment of ‘What’s The Difference  where we look at Scotch Whisky.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey



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