Why Whisky is Good for Your Brain


Humans are the only species in the whole world that are highly social. It’s not a surprise that gatherings are called “social functions” and drinking to your health is “toasting” your good fortune. Well, you might want to have a better look at drinking to your health. Because far from what people are saying, drinking whisky can actually be beneficial for you, especially your brain health.

Your brain health

And we’re social animals. We kiss. We hug. We drink. We laugh. We talk. We smile. We shake hands, and we do everything else we can just to make sure that we are able to relate with one another and have the comfort of one another’s company. Research shows that we, being highly social, are not just meant to sit back and relax. Our brains are actually stimulated when we relate with one another. Call it our brain exercise but according to Dr. Beverly Beuermann-King, drinking in moderation may be drinking to your health really.


A lot of people turn to alcohol drinking when they are stressed and they don’t end up that good. Either they’ll be kissing the table the next few hours or they may be slumped in the chair, heavily snoring. But whisky is another matter. If you are stressed and practically breathing hard to calm yourself, a glass of whisky can help you ease that tension and relax once again.

It’s not elaborately explained but a glass (and I repeat again: a glass) of whisky is helpful whenever you are faced with a stressful situation. Research shows that people who consumed a glass of whisky felt better right after and showed improvement with their moods and stress levels. So if you’re anxious or downright stress, get a glass of whisky and sip it slowly to make the effect last long and effectively.

Strengthen your immune system

While people think that whisky is just another fermented drink, it could actually be a habit that would help you ward off common colds and fight cancer by strengthening your immune system. In the EuroMedLab conference in 2005, Dr. Jim Swan said that research on people found that those who drink single malt whiskies have higher health benefits to garner because single malt whiskies contains more ellagic acid compared to red wine.

If you don’t know it yet, ellagic acid is powerful antioxidant present in most fruits and red wine that has the ability to absorb cancer cells. That’s a very good news for cancer prevention right? And whisky, being high in antioxidants also helps you fight off the common colds. Another study found out that people who drink a glass of whisky a day is 23% stronger and less likely to catch a cold than their counterparts who do not drink at all. Besides, a higher and stronger immune system means that you are less prone to disease and you can fight off bouts of anxiety and stress better than those who have weaker immune defenses right?

Good enough? Wait until you read what’s next.

Got a medical problem?

It’ll be no problem really. Whisky, when consumed in moderation, say a glass a day for women and two for men, can have beneficial and much positive effects for you. Why? Whisky reduces your risk of dementia by as much as 50%. It decreases your chances of having diabetes by 30-40% and what’s more, it helps you reduce blood clots in your brain thus alleviating the possibility of stroke which is caused by blood clots forming and clogging oxygen passage to the brain.

That being said it is extremely important to ensure you do drink in moderation. As with anything there are inherent dangers to excessive drinking with liver disease being a prominent killer among those that struggle with alcoholism. Private cancer clinics around the UK specialise in the likes of hypernephroma cancer treatment which can be brough on by excessive alcohol intake. If you are concerned and would like to speak to someone we would recommend that you visit your local GP as soon as possible who can advise you what steps you can take next.

You can also find out a bit more through private healthcare like the LOC who specialise in private cancer treatments. To find out a bit more about them from their kidney treatments to private treatments for lung cancer visit –  http://www.theloc.com/specialism/lung/.

So we’re done. And I think that’s enough to drink whisky to your good health right? But remember, if you are not a heavy drinker, don’t start right now. Always keep in mind that the benefits lie in moderation. And so if you’ll keep the advice going, a glass of whisky a day is always a toast to your healthy mind and body today.

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