Time for the Switch


If you have been keeping up to date with the Auchentoshan Switch competition you will know that things are really starting to heat up now.

The competition will see the top mixologists from Europe and North America and see them switch places, giving each other the opportunity to ply their trade in one of the top bars in the world for two weeks, gaining valuable experience in a prize that will see many bartenders dusting off their cocktail recipe books and Tom Cruise films in order to get that opportunity.

Vincent Pollard from Belljar Cafe and Mike Webster from Bar Isabel are the latest who will be making their way to the final in October after impressing in Toronto, Canada.


The competition was open to all licensed bartenders from the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the UK and the bars that will host the lucky and talented winners have been confirmed as London’s Old Street bar The Nightjar and New York’s Dead Rabbit. Two great venues that are well renowned for their quality.





The competitors will have to show that they are creative and have a great knowledge of cocktails as well as the ability to work under pressure and will have to be able to give a master class that will not only keep the judges entertained but also informed.

We will be keeping a close eye on the results and look forward to seeing who will be given this marvellous opportunity. You can keep up to date with the Switch competition on Auchentoshan’s site here¬†as well as all their other news.

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