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The Magic Of A Bottle

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When does whisky look good? When you haven’t even opened the bottle yet. If you’re as partial to a few drams the same way we are, you like to spend some time admiring a bottle and everything about it: from the way the label is printed to the illustrations used. That’s why we thought it’d […]

The Malta Teaser


Yesterday was World Whisky Day and where else would we spend it than…Malta?

Whisky & Food pairing

Marinated Salmon with whisky

Whisky is one of worlds favorite spirits that undoubtedly goes well together with food. As whiskys differ significantly in terms of aromas and tastes, it is important to match the right whisky with the right food for best taste experience.

Whisky & Chilli Tiger Prawns

whisky and chilli tiger prawns

Whisky is a lot more versatile than most people give it credit for and adding some to your menu can be an interesting choice. Whisky can sometimes add a little something extra to a dish so here is a quick recipe for Whisky and Chilli Tiger Prawns, although quite simple and delicious it is a […]

Whisky Makes A Meal

haggis whisky sauce

For fans of great Scotch whisky there are certain recipes that are a must. To get a true Scottish taste there is only one meal and that is haggis so here is a a great recipe for a combination of the two great Scottish traditions.

Glazed Ham Balls

whisky and food

A great appetizer that uses a little bit of whisky is the ever popular Glazed Ham Balls. Much like a meatball this dish will please any meat lover in your company.