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Local Whiskey Distilleries


With tickets now on sale for the Glasgow Whiskey Festival on 17th May 2014, lovers of the dram have been rushing to secure their place at the event which celebrates Scotland’s much loved tipple.

Aberdeenshire’s Hidden Gem

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Glen Garioch (pronounced Glen Ggeery) is perhaps not one of Scotland’s better known whisky distilleries however it can definitely be classed as a hidden gem. 

Famous Drinkers


For as long as we’ve been following the lives of our celebs, they’ve been following their favourite drink just as much.

First Time For Everything


There are first times for everything that will stick in your head; first day at school, first kiss, first time you met your partner, first football match…the list is endless.

What’s The Difference – Part 3

Scotch Whisky Barrels

Scotch Whisky We have spoken about the differences between Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskies and now we will have a look at the most famous of whiskies, Scotch Whisky.

What’s The Difference – Part 2

Tennessee Whiskey Barrels

Tennessee Whiskey Much of the confusion around whiskey regards the difference between Bourbon Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey. We have already talked about what makes a Bourbon Whiskey so lets have a look at Tennessee Whiskey.