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Fancy a ‘Cold’ Toddy?

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As the winter sets in it is understandable that whisky lovers will be taking every opportunity to warm themselves with a nice ‘hot toddy. Which is why we teamed up with one of the leading Winter Holiday travel agents in the UK, Mark Warner, to bring you some great whisky options for those cold nights.

Whisky with a Twist?


While it might seem like we are a million miles away from our summer holidays that is no reason why you can’t still enjoy a good whisky cocktail.

Halloween Cocktails To Shake The Shivers

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                With Halloween just a few weeks away, we thought we’d share some haunting recipes for cocktails that will get rid of any spooky feelings and warm a cold heart night up on the most bitter of nights.

Time for the Switch


If you have been keeping up to date with the Auchentoshan Switch competition you will know that things are really starting to heat up now.

Making a perfect Irish Coffee


One of classic whisky cocktails is Irish Coffee. Made from specialty coffee, stirred sugar, whisky and double cream layer it is one of most tastiest ways to enjoy whisky.

Top 5 Whisky Cocktails

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Whisky is one of the world’s oldest and most sought after drinks. First established in Scotland and Ireland in the fifteenth century the alcoholic drink has somewhat changed over the years due to new technology, new distilling techniques and changing times.