Duty Free Dubai


You may not be able to enjoy a dram in Dubai, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stock up on duty-free when you’re leaving. Find out more.


Have a Dram to your Health


Everybody knows that modest amounts of red wine and even chocolate are good for your health, but did you know evidence points to a wee dram of whisky being good for your health too?! Cancer clinics and other researchers have discovered that the ellagic acid that is naturally present in most single malts can in fact absorb rogue cells in the body, some of which can be pre-cancerous. So enjoy the health benefit of a nice single malt, but just don’t go too far!


Beer Festival Malta

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Ok maybe this isn’t to do with whisky, but let’s face it, if you’re on your summer holidays elsewhere, finding a whisky festival could be tricky! However why not switch to beer just for your hols? Check out this Maltese beer festival infograph here:


Glasgow Whisky Festival 2016


The biggest whisky festival to hit Scotland’s biggest city, will once again be taking place this autumn on November 12th. Whisky lovers both from Scotland and abroad can get the chance to sample homegrown and international whiskies.


Why Whisky is Good for Your Brain


Humans are the only species in the whole world that are highly social. It’s not a surprise that gatherings are called “social functions” and drinking to your health is “toasting” your good fortune. Well, you might want to have a better look at drinking to your health. Because far from what people are saying, drinking whisky can actually be beneficial for you, especially your brain health.


The Magic Of A Bottle

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When does whisky look good? When you haven’t even opened the bottle yet. If you’re as partial to a few drams the same way we are, you like to spend some time admiring a bottle and everything about it: from the way the label is printed to the illustrations used. That’s why we thought it’d be a good idea to highlight some bottles we like based on looks alone (it’s a good thing they taste good too)